The fascism is strong with today's GOP
MAGA Cult rally gets a new soundtrack. All they're missing now is Leni Riefenstahl to film it
Trump stalls the DOJ. Again... DeSantis kidnaps asylum-seekers to own the libs... Brits queue for days to see a lead-lined box… Mornings will be Licht…
The ongoing struggle between "neutrality" and truth. Is CNN becoming Fox Lite?
Quick thoughts on Judge Cannon, Bret Stephens, and Apple AirPods
What's next for the MAGA MCU? (Part 3) What we learn from the GOP reaction to Biden's speech
What's next for the MAGA MCU? (Bonus Edition) Biden's speech at Independence Hall owes a lot to Lincoln's speech at Gettysburg
What's next for the MAGA MCU? (Part 2) The Brownshirts, The Head Writer, The Understudy, The Family, The Chorus
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